Induction Circuit

Induction Circuit is a self-directed walk that explores the secret domains and hidden sounds of Catherine Street (Limerick, Ireland). Setting off from a designated starting point with a music player and headphones, the participant is encouraged to experience new sonic geographies. Familiar territory becomes new again.

This project is two years old but perhaps even more interesting today. How has the landscape, both physical and sonic, changed?

Click image to view it at full-size in your browser. This file is also included in the download package.



1. visit (here you are!)
2. download the mp3 files from this zip file [40MB]
3. extract and copy them to a portable audio player
4. print the poster (if you need a map)
5. start at location 1, French's Cafe
6. put on your headphones
7. play the first track
8. listen and follow the directions

Take as long as you like and pause where you wish.
The 15 audio tracks last 40 minutes, but please budget one hour for full enjoyment.

About The Title

An induction ceremony is an inauguration. A circuit is a brief route travelled on foot. Induction Circuit inaugurates the participants into a new listening system by way of a small journey. The term is doubly appropriate in that the artist used, as one of his tools, an induction loop. This allows the recording of electromagnetic flux, making audible the invisible traceries of radiation that permeate us at each moment.


Robin Parmar is an intermedia artist whose practice incorporates electroacoustic composition, sound installations, improvisation, radiophonics, phonography, poetry, performance art, theory and photography. Works have recently appeared in Ireland, England, Portugal, Germany, Spain and Sweden. Robin has an HBSc in Theoretical Physics and an MA in Music Technology.


This piece was originally presented as part of the Catherine Street DIG, 13-15 May 2011.

For information on my other sonic activities, please visit Remanence.